Selected Poems Online:

“Sonnet of Little Faith” in LIT Magazine (August 2020)

“Ode to the Mattress on the Side of the Interstate” in Rattle (June 2020)

“Family Reunion” and “When My Father Tells Me I Had a Great Childhood” in Redivider (May 2020)

“Ash on the Tongue” republished on Poetry Daily (April 2020)

“River” and “A Silverfish in the Childhood” in The Adroit Journal (March 2020)

“Elegy with a Wavelength of Sound,” “On the Way to the Reading,” and “The Day My Father Sold His Plane” in The Rupture (February 2020)

“Blood Poetry” in Glass: A Journal of Poetry (February 2020)

“When My Father Calls Me a Pussy” and “Punch List, 1994” in Diode (December 2019)

“People as Seasons as People” in JuxtaProse Literary Magazine (September 2018)

“Coming to Terms” in Nightjar Review (July 2018)

“I’m Trying Not to Cry in this Harbor Freight Tools” in Golden Walkman Magazine (June 2018)

“Outpatient” and “Open Letter to the Past” in Botticelli Magazine (April 2018)

“Coffee after Some Time” and “Pygmalion” in Horsethief (November 2017)

“Porcelain Nocturne” in Washington Square Review (October 2017)

“Emo, 2005” in Narrative (May 2017)

“Upon Receiving my Inheritance” in Rattle (March 2017)

“Song” in Narrative (January 2017)

“Aubade with Barbed Wire” on (September 2016) 

“Fig Leaf” and “Collage of Memories that Forms a Box” in The Adroit Journal (August 2016)

“Images of Kurt Cobain’s Shotgun Released” in Rattle (March 2016)

“Forecast” in Tinderbox Poetry Review (February 2016)

“What We Are Given” in Valparaiso Poetry Review (January 2016)

“Sugar” on (December 2015)

“San Destin, Florida” in DIALOGIST (October 2015)

“Aquarium” in New England Review (May 2014)

“Egg Tooth” in Baltimore Review (April 2014)

“Lumber” in JMWW (April 2014)

“Third Date” in Banango Street (January 2014)

“Aim” in Nashville Review (August 2013)

“Second Date” in Eclectica Magazine (July 2013)

“Because Because,” “Scribble,” and “Polar Bear” in New World Writing (June 2013)

“Cartoon” in New Orleans Review (April 2013)

“Sour Wine” in H.O.W. Journal (April 2013)


Poems in Print:

“Elegy with My Great-Grandmother’s Piano” in Colorado Review (July 2020)

“You Dreamed in ICU” in ellipsis…literature & art (May 2020)

“Ark” in Michigan Quarterly Review (April 2020)

“Ode to the Mattress on the Side of the Interstate” in Rattle (February 2020)

“Nocturne with Choking in Calloway Gardens” in The Minnesota Review (April 2019)

“Ash on the Tongue” in Prairie Schooner (October 2018)

“Elegy with Digital Flowers” in Salt Hill (September 2018)

“Tightrope” in New Ohio Review (March 2018)

“Cages” in Florida’s Best Emerging Poets: An Anthology (January 2018)

“There is No Power in Blame” in Poetry Northwest (January 2018)

“When You Were Out of Town Last Weekend” in Pleiades (January 2018)

“Not an Entrance” in The Threepenny Review (December 2017)

“For My Father” in Crab Orchard Review (July 2017)

“Floodwaters in South Carolina” in Poet Lore (April 2017)

“Of No Consequence” in The Massachusetts Review (March 2017)

“Sieve” in The Chattahoochee Review (December 2016)

“Prayer” in The Cincinnati Review (December 2016)

“Upon Receiving my Inheritance” in Rattle (December 2016)

“On Your Way to Work” and “Love Song to the Demon-Possessed Pigs of Gadara” in Indiana Review (June 2015)

“Carving” in Barrow Street (February 2015)

“If Then” and “At Montauk” in Southern Indiana Review (January 2015)

“Birthmark” and “Aquarium” in New England Review (May 2014)

“A White-Tailed Deer” in Grist (February 2014)

“Birds” in Bayou Magazine (December 2013)

“First Date” in Sakura Review (August 2013)